Mary Poppins Returns movie review

Will you need a spoonful of sugar for her return?

What’s it about?

A year after the loss of their matriarch, a well-to-do family are faced with the possibility of becoming homeless in a post-industrial revolution London when the bank announces they are about to foreclose on their loan. Seriously. But then Sherry Bobbins Mary Poppins reappears and everyone sings and dances, and even the most cynical of hearts melts.

What did we think?

Stephen Scott says: Nostalgia can be trite
if not enacted right
With shameless cash grabs by mega-corps upon most people’s minds
But if you take the plunge
You’ll find it’s so much fun

With Blunt
and creative personnel

Despite negative expectations
You will find it all sublime
You’ll tap your feet in time
And accept everything in rhyme

If you open your mind
You’ll find it’s all very much so nice
And that lightning can strike twice!

Honestly, it’s as close to perfection as you can get. Take the family!


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