What’s it about?
A young boy born with facial genetic defects finally goes to a mainstream school where he and his family face a gamut of reaction.

What did we think?
Anthony Sherratt says: Thankfully this wasn’t as tear-inducing as the trailer suggested though it does tug at the heart strings. Wonderfully this isn’t just about Auggie – the boy whose face inspires heartbreaking reactions. It focuses heavily on family and new friends and their actions and motivations. What could have been a semi-light feel-good flick actually becomes something much more with some interesting explorations of human reactions and the reasons behind it. The whys of how we treat each other are possibly even more important than the actual treatment.

This is a story younger people should be made to see.

Unfortunately an unnecessarily saccharine moment at the end threatens to sugarcoat things but it nonetheless remains a movie that will inspire thought and conversation about the very real failings and strengths of human beings.


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