What’s it about?
Two young boys growing up in 70s Australia are befriended by a stranger who lures them out of their comfort zone as they struggle with their identity.

What did we think?
This simply delightful coming-of-age film is incredibly intimate and wonderfully genuine. It’s unapologetically Australian and that rawness only adds to the emotions of the characterisation. Simon Baker’s directorial debut is ridiculously impressive especially given the constraints of weather dependence and an inexperienced cast. However the cast are magnificent from the two young boys – Ben Spence and Samson Coulter – to the understated Richard Roxburgh.

I grew up in the 70s but in the desert hundreds of kilometres from the surf which sets the background and culture for this flick. The fact it still spoke to me so strongly just shows what an impressive film this is. Slow-paced and stronger for it, this is not a surfing movie as such, but one where surfing is merely important.


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