About Us

About Us

Are you sick of movie reviews that seem to go on longer than the movie? Of critics indulging in pretentious waffle and unnecessary analysis? Let’s face it: sometimes you just want to know whether a movie is good or not.

Here at superquickreviews we promise to get to the point. We guarantee one or two paragraph reviews that simply tell you how good (or bad) a film is.

There’s no fanboy raving or troll ranting – just our honest opinion. Brought to you by experienced reviewers who genuinely love films.

[mvc_team_profile member_visibility=”outset” image_id=”1111″ image_alt=”Anthony “Freddie“ Sherratt” memb_name=”Anthony “Freddie“ Sherratt” memb_prof=”Absent-minded go-to Guy
(Managing Editor)” memb_about=”Anthony has been reviewing movies for over 25 years (it may be longer now as he may have forgotten to add an extra year on).

He lectures in journalism at the prestigious Queensland University of Technology and in addition to freelance writing, works with the charity Hands Across The Water.

In a busy life, insomnia is his friend.

After seeing Liz’s biography, he now has a nasty case of bio envy.” social_icon=”fa fa-film” social_url=”https://www.superquickreviews.com/author/anthony/” social_clr=”#000000″ url=”https://www.superquickreviews.com/author/anthony/”]

[mvc_team_profile member_visibility=”outset” image_id=”1113″ image_alt=”Elizabeth “Femme Fatale“ Best” memb_name=”Elizabeth “Femme Fatale“ Best” memb_prof=”Empress Of Dragons(Editor In Chief)” href=”“http://www.imagesbyanderson.com“” target=”“_blank“” social_icon=”fa fa-film” social_url=”https://www.superquickreviews.com/author/lizzybest/” social_clr=”#000000″ url=”https://www.superquickreviews.com/author/lizzybest/” caption_url=”” memb_about=”Elizabeth is a journalist who’s been in love with film ever since she pestered the manager at her local video store to hire her at age 14 (Seriously, she went in every Friday at 4pm and asked “Any jobs yet?“ Pretty sure he hired her just to shut her up). She started reviewing with Anthony Sherratt in 2004 as a way of justifying the obscene amount of money she spent on movies to her parents. This two-person side-hustle eventually became Super Quick Reviews, which now comprises a team of reviewers from across Australia. She’s also now a regular contributor for Empire, the world’s biggest film magazine (coincidentally also because she just showed up at the office and pestered the editor to hire her.) A self-confessed media tart, Elizabeth has also written for many other publications including Woman’s Day, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun-Herald, The Age, Take 5, SheSAID, Mamamia, Your Tango, and My City Life. She likes long walks up the makeup aisle (check out her beauty product-filled instagram @thebeautypalate) and correcting people’s grammar.”]
[mvc_team_profile member_visibility=”outset” image_id=”1106″ image_alt=”Stephen “Obi Wan“ Scott” memb_name=”Stephen “Obi Wan“ Scott” memb_prof=”Lord of the Shits – Sith –
(Shitty Editor Sithy Editor)” memb_about=”Stephen has been writing to entertain and inform since, oh, long before Daisy Ridley and John Boyega were born (DEAR GOD HOW OLD AM I?); and reasons that as only Sith deals in absolutes, you can’t listen to one voice for absolute guidence. As many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view, a movie is often what we make of it.

So read the review, then see it yourself and voice your opinion. After all: who is more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him?

Stephen has an even worse case of bio envy than Anthony, and even more of a shitty title envy.

SITHY. DAMMIT!” social_icon=”fa fa-film” social_url=”https://www.superquickreviews.com/author/stephen/” social_clr=”#000000″ url=”https://www.superquickreviews.com/author/stephen/”]

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