What’s it about?
Proof that truth is stranger than fiction, Argo is a dramatisation of the rescue of the “Canadian Six” from Iran during the revolutionary uprising of 1979. With radical alternatives to save the group dismissed, the best worst idea is employed: pretend the fugitives are shooting a science fiction movie.

What did we think?
Stephen says: This fast-paced thriller puts you, then keeps you, on the edge of your seat – a high accomplishment as we know how it ends. Affleck cleverly doesn’t identify a specific villain, instead focussing on the retributive predisposition of a people finally freed from their tyrannical ruler, only to inflict their own brand of terror. When faced with a nation of hatred, it makes the planning and execution of this escape even more nail biting. Some are upset the film wavers from the true story, but don’t worry about that. A highly enjoyable film that dramatises an already astonishing story.


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