Movie 43

What’s it about?
A mind-boggling list of Hollywood will-bes, currently-ares and has-beens star in a series of loosely connected shorts joined together by “The Pitch”, in which Dennis Quaid “plays” an unpredictable lunatic aggressively trying to sell his awful script to embattled studio exec Greg Kinnear (easily the most relatable character in the film).

What did we think?
Mitch says: A class of illiterate orphans with four broken pencils, three sheets of paper and a reference copy of Das Kapital could write a funnier movie than this, and there would probably be fewer dick jokes. If you ever feel like your life has no purpose, now you know it does: to go and punch Peter Farrelly right in his stupid face.

I’d say “Godspeed”, but clearly there is no God.

2 comments on “Movie 43

  1. Dan Beeston says:

    I love that the genre is “Comedy” and not Comedy.

  2. Shannon Saunders says:

    An insult to the actors (and their talents) featured in this film. Every bad joke, awful story line and ridiculous make-up/wardrobe choice hindered the reputation and credibility of so many Hollywood A-listers.

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