The Lego Movie

What’s it about?
Quite simply, LEGO! Lord Business (Will Ferrell) has taken over Lego City and effectively built a cult of instruction-abiding do-gooders. Emmett, a socially invisible, ordinary Joe-Schmo is mistaken for “the special”, a totally NOT ordinary master builder destined to lead the Lego minions to creative freedom.

What did we think?
Casey and Elizabeth say: BEST. LEGO. AD. EVER. Any movie that opens with Morgan Freeman and Will Ferrell duking it out is going to do it for us. People always say movies have something for everyone but this one really does. It’s full of Lego wonder for the kiddies and has more adult pop-culture references than you can poke a limited-edition Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon construction kit at (“Come with me if you want to not die”). Lord Business’ quest for the perfect world is admirable, but the underlying message of this film is that sometimes it’s best just to let your imagination run wild. Oh and sing Everything is Awesome.


2 comments on “The Lego Movie

  1. 4 stars? What’s wrong with you? This film was cinematographic perfection!

    5 Stars!

    Everything is Awesome!

  2. Dan Beeston says:

    I watched this on a plane late at night much to the chagrin of my co-passengers as I kept bursting into laughter and freaking them out. Really good comedy writing makes up to the kind of silly kids story. Nice moments of pathos when you don’t expect them too.

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