Ex Machina

What’s it about?
Caleb is a bright young coder who wins a company wide lottery that has him spending a week at his celebrity boss’s mountain retreat. On arrival it is revealed that his role is to interview an Artificial Intelligence program in a beautiful body.

What we thought
Dan says: There is an almost immediate menace in this film that never stops. This slow burning thriller crept relentlessly forward, always keeping me delighted. The ‘car-chase brigade’ may find it plodding but for those with some patience they’ll be rewarded in spades.

The visuals are impressive. Imagine the Portal video-game come to life but GladOS is much, much cuter. Each carefully considered pause contains a screen full of delicate engineering ticking away at the seams of this flirtatious droid.

You won’t be able to look away, which is good training for the oncoming robot apocalypse.


1 comment on “Ex Machina

  1. Intelligent and thoughtful, Ex_Machina is a delight that both entertains and challenges. The underlying tension and menace keeps you on the edge of your seat and engaged in a truly wonderful way. Its explorations of artificial intelligence and the blurred line between life and sentience is so delightfully done that this movie will ensure there will never be a Bladerunner sequel; it simply couldn’t be done better than this.

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