A misanthrope and a daughter he hasn’t met. What could go wrong?

What’s it about?
Taking David Clowse’s graphic novel character – a chatty grouch with a penchant for striking up inconvenient conversations – and putting him on film, with Woody Harrelson in the starring role.

What we thought
Angela Bowen says: If you saw the trailer for this, you might well have laughed out loud and you might well feel compelled to pay and see it. Don’t. All the good bits are in the trailer. The storyline is aimless, the script dull, and any endearing qualities difficult to locate; leaving Harrelson’s sweet smile & Laura Dern and Isabella Amara’s good turns stranded on an island of meaninglessness. It’s mercifully pretty short, but you can’t help feeling a gung-ho editor may have left just a few too many scenes to the cutting room floor, leaving a comedy with insufficient laughs, and a talented cast with little to work with.


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