Murder On The Orient Express

What’s it about?
A murder on a train leaves thirteen suspects for a world-class detective to sift through.

What did we think?
Elise Donaldson says: While not a masterpiece, this remake of a classic is still a delightful concoction of drama, passion, intrigue, a splash of neurosis wrapped with a wicked wit.

The all-star cast is top-notch (particularly Johnny Depp as the sleazy crook Ratchett), the CGI effects are breathtaking, the costumes are perfectly styled as is detective Poirot’s amusing moustache. The comedic jabs between characters was an absolute pleasure (and the undoubted highlight). My only criticism would be the uninspiring music score which just didn’t add to the suspense. But the twists and interplay meant it never got boring. So if you’re after a lavish whodunit which will keep you guessing and will deliver a few surprising laughs along the way, then straighten your tie, align your eggs and get yourself a ticket on the Orient Express.


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