The Little Things movie review

It’s cliché at best, boring at its worst, and ultimately unsatisfying

What’s it about?

A disgraced deputy Sheriff (Denzel Washington) teams up with a hotshot young detective to hunt a serial killer who is stalking LA. As they begin to close in on a suspect (Jared Leto), the case and the past both start to take a toll on them.

What did we think?

Peter Linning says: The Little Things makes a big deal out of the three leads all being Best Actor Oscar winners, which makes it all the more of a shame that none of them are given anything terribly interesting to do in this meandering neo-noir. All of them are fine in their roles, and each of them create their own opportunities to flex, but they’ve ultimately got no chemistry together. The movie looks like it’ll pick up once the detectives start to zero in on Leto as their prime suspect, but once these characters and their relationships are established, they just kinda… hang out? The movie sags in the middle, with the most entertaining parts (and I can’t believe I’m writing this) coming courtesy of Leto. 

The movie’s most interesting elements are introduced too late to have any impact, moments intended to be suspenseful fall flat, and the entire conclusion relies on characters making illogical choices to further the plot. It’s cliché at best, boring at its worst, and ultimately unsatisfying. 4/10


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