Does size matter?

What’s it about?

Brilliant with words as he is with his sword, Cyrano (Peter Dinklage) only lacks confidence when it comes to declaring his love for his long-time friend Roxanne. When she falls in love with Christian, a recruit under his command, the two men team up to pair Cyrano’s words with Christian’s good looks.

What did we think?

Peter Linning says: Cyrano marries some beautiful cinematography and frequently excellent music to a disappointingly weak love story. To be fair, the movie largely suffers as a result of being faithful to the source material, but the premise at the heart of the movie feels underdeveloped and yet still manages to drag. The ending feels rushed, and the bleak resolution of the story seems at odds with the rest of the movie’s relatively wistful tone. It’s less than the sum of its parts, but still a quality piece of work. Fittingly for the story it tells, your enjoyment of the movie will likely be dependent on your appreciation of the visuals versus the narrative.

Doesn't live up to expectations
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