NOPE movie review

Is it a yes or nope?

What’s it about?

Two siblings who run a California horse ranch discover something in the skies above, but is it wonderful or sinister? And is it something you should be messing with? (Hint: see title)

What did we think?

Anthony Sherratt says: Jordan Peel’s success with GET OUT and US means comparisons are inevitable. Let’s start by saying NOPE isn’t as subtle as either of the predecessors but carries just as much tension. It’s a sci-if horror focused on the humanity and, as such, it actually works quite well. There’s a strong emotional resonance and very good characterisation. It doesn’t follow an obvious narrative structure and it’s wonderfully unpredictable for a lot of the movie – both a strength and a weakness. LIke Peele’s other films, the movie will stick with you long after you leave the cinema. However this one feels a bit less satisfying when you’re trying to explore the imagery and a few loose ends. Still a good flick though.

A quality sci-fi horror that has you constantly guessing.
Anthony has been reviewing movies for over 25 years (it may be longer now as he may have forgotten to add an extra year on). He lectures in journalism at the prestigious Queensland University of Technology and in addition to freelance writing, works with the charity Hands Across The Water. In a busy life, insomnia is his friend.
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