Taken 2

What’s it about?
Former CIA operative Bryan Mills returns to our screens with the father (and crime boss) of those he killed in the first movie, seeking revenge and targeting both Mills and his family.

What did Anthony Sherratt think?
Quite simply this should haven been called Taken Lite. A suprisingly logical premise justified the sequel but the general action from then on mirrors the original to a point where you’re left wondering where the ‘meat’ was.

It’s not bad – in fact it’s quite fun and worth seeing – but there’s a lack of originality that leaves it feeling like quite a short romp that really had little point to it other cashing in on the popularity of the awesome first flick.

Quote simply it’s the Diet Coke version of Taken. Less calories, less filling.


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  1. Cathy says:

    Terrible disappointment. You nailed it with the “diet” analogy.

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