What’s it about?
[ Dusty ] is a [ crop dusting plane ] who longs to be [ a racing plane ]. With the help of his friends and [ a cranky old war plane ] he tries to achieve his dreams, but will the dastardly [ Ripslinger ] foil his plans? And will [ Dusty ] manage to overcome his greatest weakness?

What did we think?
Dan says: The true irony is that a film about aircraft manages to be so middle-of-the-road. Someone took a copy of the ‘Save the Cat’ plot template and put in the very minimum amount of effort required to get this on screen.
There are some characters. There are some jokes. There’s every plot point you’d expect and nothing that you don’t. It’s not actually unpleasant to watch, but nor is it something that you’ll think about seconds after leaving the cinema.
The 3D is nice, but then the same could be said about walking outside.

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