Strange World movie review

Too Strange? Or not strange enough?

What’s it about?

Three generations of a family of explorers embark on a journey of discovery to an uncharted land filled with dangerous terrain, strange creatures, and allegories for over-reliance on fossil fuels

What’d we think?

Strange World is inoffensive family fun, with some wonderful animation and fresh world-building, but is never much more than fine. There’s plenty of positive things that can be said about the movie’s attempts at representation and environmental messaging, but any impact it might have had is lessened by the lukewarm story and characters. It’s a kid’s movie at the end of the day, and there’s just not enough adventure or comedy moments to really appeal to it’s target audience, let alone the adults in the crowd. It’s worth noting that I wasn’t aware of the voice cast going into the movie, and didn’t stick around to see their names in the end credits – it’s only later that I realised that there were some big names tied to this, which made me wonder if Disney shouldn’t just go back to hiring professional voice actors instead of whichever Hollywood names they can afford. If you aren’t taking little people to the movie you’ve got no reason to check it out, but if you do – it’s fine.

Nothing here for grown-ups, but better than average for kids
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