Penguin Bloom movie review

Broken spirits meet broken wings to break your heart

What’s it about?

The true story of an active young mother who is left paralysed after an accident, and how she and her family struggle to cope with her acceptance of this new normal. It takes an injured baby magpie to help put the world into perspective.

What did we think?

Stephen Scott says: Home grown movies are almost guaranteed to rely on an in-your-face allegory in an unusual manner. 

Fortunately, the rehabilitation of an injured magpie called Penguin and the corresponding rebirth of Sam Bloom is told in a manner that the obvious metaphor is forgiven, owing to the subtle beauty in the story telling. 

Quite simply, Penguin Bloom is a gentle, utterly delightful, and beautiful experience. 

Be sure to sit back and enjoy the human music and birdsong in the credits. 8/10


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