Wicked Little Letters – Movie Review

Residents of a seaside town read mean tweets

What’s it about?

When the residents of a seaside town in 1920s England start receiving obscene letters, suspicion is cast upon rowdy Irish immigrant Rose (Jessie Buckley), in no small part to her already strained relationship with her neighbour Edith (Olivia Colman)

What’d we think?

You know what trope never gets old? The classic combination of Christianity, judgement, and misogyny (institutional as well as garden variety). Wicked Little Letters delivers these in spades, and in a far more enjoyable package than those themes might lead you to believe. Olivia Coleman is loveable as the prim and proper Edith, absolutely nailing the fine line of wearing her heart on her sleeve, and also just being a nasty bitch. Jessie Buckley is extremely likeable in her role as the rowdy Rose, but plays it with enough stubbornness that she’s borderline exasperating.

There’s a great supporting cast, with a special highlight being Anjana Vasan as the local PC, the comedic highlight of the movie (second only to Olivia Colman). Maybe one day Timothy Spall will play a nice man, but today was not that day.

I know it’s Oscar season and we’re all oversaturated, but I believe this is more enjoyable than some of the Oscar Noms. Please don’t send me rude letters.

A humorous little diversion
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