June Again movie review

A meddling mum with dementia? What could go wrong?

What’s it about?

Adult children who think they have lost their mother to dementia are suprised when she suddenly becomes completely lucid. And starts meddling in their lives.

What did we think?

Andrew Danyals says:  It’s difficult to imagine a feel-good movie about dementia but this heartfelt Australian comedy/drama really hits the sweet spot. It doesn’t hold back and, although it’s far from perfect, it blends the hard hits with a tender love that softens most of the blows. A little slow-paced but thoughtful, June Again features a great cast who knock it out of the park. Noni Hazlehurst is superb and Claudia Karvan and Stephen Curry are both great as the shadow of this insidious condition looms over them all. 7.2/10


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