Bridget Jones’s Baby

What’s it about?
Helen Fielding’s down-to-earth 20/30/40-something creation is back, still struggling with life, and about to embark on her most extravagant adventure yet – a baby, whose paternal genes she’s not quite sure.

What did we think?
Angela Young says: Let me start with a disclaimer – I hate Renee Zellweger in this role. I loved the books, and always thought the casting was deeply offensive to legions of great British actresses – her ridiculously twitching terribly-accented Bridget did nothing for me. Surprising, then, that I found this sequel to be rather good. Zellweger’s now utterly-toxin-ravaged face is difficult to watch, and she still overplays Jones obscenely, but there are some seriously funny – proper “pah!” LOL moments – and some brilliant turns from Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey and, particularly, Emma Thompson as the obstetrician who, god bless her, is ageing beautifully (i.e. naturally).

It drags a bit – two hours?? – but it’s got just enough of the good stuff to keep you going, thanks in no small part to Fielding’s work on the screenplay and Shazzer picking up the director’s reins once again. I’m shocking myself by saying this, but it’s worth a watch!


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