What’s it about?
Two adult sisters return to their family home to clean out their room when they find out their parents have sold up. But instead of cleaning, they decide to have the party to end all parties. As you do.

What did we think?
Elizabeth Best says: Sisters is like a massive bender: it starts out strong, full of promise of an electrifying night ahead. The kegs are full, the punch is spiked, your crazy friend Tiffany has already started dancing on the tables and someone has just found your old game of Twister under the couch; how could this night NOT be awesome? But by the end of the night, the party has run out of steam. There’s no more booze, Tiffany is passed out on said table sprawled over some random, and a guy just threw up over the Twister mat. But who cares? The party was still rad while it lasted.

The who’s-who of Saturday Night Live cast all bring some chuckles to the table, but were it not for the presence of my spirit animals aka Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, this could have been a lot less funny.


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