Blade Runner 2049

What’s it about?
30 years after the exploits of Roy Batty, rogue replicants continue to be retired by Blade Runners in rain soaked LA.

What did we think?
Stephen Scott says: Ridley Scott took the premise of Philip K Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and confronted us with its themes of evolution and identity. Villeneuve’s 2049 extrapolates and adds to those themes, enabling us to see things you people wouldn’t believe. If you’ve seen the original you have to watch this one. No review can do it justice.

5 Star Caveat: this movie will make little sense to those who haven’t seen the original. Watch Blade Runner The Final Cut (my recommendation, although all versions are OK according to Villeneuve) and if you want to be fully prepared, set aside 30 minutes to watch the trio of shorts created to fill in the blanks between 2019 and 2049.


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