Pork Pie

A kiwi romp?

What’s it about?

A remake of the 1980 film Goodbye Pork Pie, three strangers join up as accidental outlaws on an outrageous adventure across the length of New Zealand in a distinctive orange Mini, with the police (in increasing numbers), the media and a whole bunch of vegan activists hot on their tails.

What we thought

Angela Bowen says: Shut gits prutty real in this extraordinarily New Zealandish romp (is that a thing? Yeah, it’s a thing). A likeable cast (Dean Gorman, James Rolleston and Ashleigh Cummings hold the fort), some outstanding driving skills and some bizarre laughs and knowing references make for what ends up a hugely enjoyable film, with just a few moments of wondering where the hell it’s going (and “does this film know what it wants to be?”) thrown in. Those crazy Kiwis.

sweet as bro

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