The Old Man & the Gun

What’s it about?
Well you see there’s a Detective who’s just hit 40 and is questioning what to do with his life. Then there’s a widower living her dreams, but wondering if she’s doing everything she’s meant to. And then there’s this old guy who’s just trying to be the best travelling salesmen he can be. Or maybe he’s lying about that and really just likes to rob banks. Whichever one he is, he’s a charmer.

What did we think?
Stephen Scott says: Surprisingly, for a ‘mostly true’ tale about a charming criminal, this is a story about ordinary people. It’s a love story, and it’s about finding happiness by doing what you love.

There is a delightful attention to detail in the telling of this tale, which, coupled with Redford’s brazen confidence as the untouchable Forrest Tucker, weaves a story that confounds you with contradictions of character.

After all, is a thief really that bad a person if he’s stolen your heart?

Footnote: If you think this review goes a bridge too far with references to a certain legend’s career, wait till you see how the river runs through this flick. You’d need all the Presidents men to help you unravel the sting.


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