Bad Grandpa

What’s it about?
After his wife Ellie passes, 86-year-old Irving Zisman’s (Johnny Knoxville) quest for a new, prime “piece of tail” is invigorated.  This dream is short lived when he’s forced to deliver his grandson Billy to his father after Billy’s junkie mum is jailed.  Queue the precocious kid/dirty old man road trip.

What did we think?
Elodie says: You would think that taking a small Jackass skit, adding a scripted storyline and combining it with the traditional Jackass hidden-camera pranks to make a full length movie would fail big time, but it doesn’t.  This movie is not for the faint hearted or those who would despise a dude dressing up as an old man for shits and giggles. Bad Grandpa is crude, it’s daring, but most of all it’s hilarious!


2 comments on “Bad Grandpa

  1. Anna says:

    Do people really find these guys funny. Seriously? I find it hard to believe. I mean for a sketch, yeah, but a whole movie?

  2. Did it make me laugh? Yes a couple of times but not always in a good or nice way. Some of the gags are humorous but most are puerile and adolescent not to mention self-indulgent. And while a movie like Borat invokes reactions from adults, this movie exposes young kids to a lot of things they shouldn’t have to deal with. Big pass from me. 1.5/5

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