What’s it about?
A time-travelling temporal agent must hunt down a criminal that’s eluded him his whole life.

What did we think?
The less you know about this film the better. Just know that it’s an Aussie film that looks like an American film, that it has excellent performances from Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook, that it involves time travel and that your brain may be doing loop-de-loops after it’s over. Don’t think about it too hard – the joy of Predestination is the watching, and the more you ponder the hows and what ifs, the more times you’ll find yourself asking “how?” and “what if…?” Which may send you mad.


2 comments on “Predestination

  1. Wonderfully polished film that you wouldn’t know was Australian without the Film Australia mentions in the credits. Slightly heavy handed with foreshadowing – true time-travel fans won’t be shocked by some of the turns – but the quality of the film means you’re truly engaged even if you figure things out early. Not quite what the trailer promised but I think it may be stronger for it. 3.5/5.

  2. Dan Beeston says:

    A really fun ride but if you’re an aficionado of time travel stories you’ll be way ahead of the game and the denouements of the film will feel a bit long winded. On the flip side if you thought Inception was a mind opening experience (rather than the film equivalent of a set of russian dolls) then perhaps you’ll love this film more than I ever could.

    3 stars

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