American Hustle

What’s it about?
Con-man Irving Rosenfeld (a portly Christian Bale) and his lover (a sexy Amy Adams) are forced to work with unpredictable FBI agent Richie DiMaso (a poodle-permed Bradley Cooper). Things get dangerous as DiMaso pushes them to bring down mafia bosses and beloved senators, and Rosenfeld’s unhinged wife (Jennifer Lawrence) might just blow the whole thing.

What did we think?
Elizabeth says: The 1970s are recreated to dazzling effect with David O. Russell getting the most out of his actors. Every performance is rich and layered, and the rumours are true – Jennifer Lawrence steals every single damn scene she’s in. But – and here’s where I get controversial considering the praise that’s been heaped on the film – I feel like American Hustle was less than the sum of its parts. What film was everyone else watching? I mean it’s pretty good but it’s no masterpiece. It’s like Scorsese’s biggest fan tried to emulate the master and came up short. It’s entertaining, it looks great, but it won’t knock your paisley 1970s socks off.

Sidebar: best supported actress goes to Amy Adams, whose every stunning costume seemed designed to give her a healthy helping of sideboob.


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