Inside Llewyn Davis

What’s it about?
A week in the life of a struggling artist trying to make it in the folk music scene of 1961 set against a backdrop of winter in New York.

 What did we think?
Elizabeth says: Interesting but not accessible. There are some really lovely moments here but that’s all they seemed to me: fleeting, disconnected moments. Inside Llewyn Davis feels like awards bait. It wallows so desperately in its own melancholy and is so focused on the insular creative scene that it feels a bit pretentious. It’s like it was crafted purely for the Coen brothers to say “Screw your movie conventions, this is ART and if you don’t like it then clearly you aren’t sophisticated enough.” And everyone else nods in agreement, shouting “It’s brilliant, you’re visionaries!” and pats themselves on the back for being so artsy high-brow wonderful. Except me. Bah humbug.


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  1. Elizabeth Best says:

    Yes! Someone else feels exactly the way I do! Between this and not loving critical darling American Hustle I was beginning to think I was becoming a contrarian, crotchety old reviewer before my time.


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