300: Rise Of An Empire

What’s it about?
The Mad God King Xerxes and his giant army continue their attack on Greece as six-packed soldiers fight them. Usually in slow motion.

What did we think?
Anthony Sherratt says: Breasts, blood and slow-motion violence. The latter two to excess. On paper this sequel (technically a companion piece) offers more, more, more. More blood, more gore, more effects. And yet somehow you feel shortchanged.

It could be the irritatingly repetitious effects that are impressively stylish at first but wearing after the 30th time. Or the fact the story attempts to be complex but fails.

Luckily you’re so distracted by Eva Green’s AMAZING turn as a psychotic villain bent on revenge that you will leave pretty happy. She has slashed her way into my top five movie villains of all-time with an intense performance that has you occasionally cheering for the bad guys. Rather than a third 300 film let’s have an Artemisia prequel.

It’s a mid-range bloody popcorn flick. Now can someone just explain to me why there are particles hanging in the air everywhere in Greek cities?


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