Winter’s Tale

What’s it about?
In an early 1900s version of New York City that isn’t the real one (although it will take a flying horse for viewers to work that out), a common thief falls in love with a dying heiress and clashes with a Russell Crowe-shaped demon.

What did we think?
Elizabeth says: It’s astounding how a movie can be both overwritten and under-explained. Demons! Angel horses that are really spirit dogs! Everyone has a magic miracle inside them! Love someone so hard they can never die! Time travel! Stars are people too! Will Smith is the Devil and even though it’s 1916 he wears a modern blazer and a T-shirt! Wait, what? Exactly. 

I tried really hard to get swept up with the romance and magic, but much like the dying protagonist I was left cold. If there is a miracle inside everyone, I wish I could use mine to get my two hours back.


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