Women Talking – Movie Review

The women talked, and boy did we listened

What’s it about?

The women of an isolated religious community reveal a disturbing secret about the community’s men. When the truth is exposed the women have to decide to either do nothing, stay and fight, or leave.

What’d we think?

With a title like ‘Women Talking’ I was surprised to find out that there are men in the film? Shocking. Disappointing. I digress.

I could fan girl in length about everything I admired about this sombre and important film but, unfortunately, we are called Super Quick Reviews. ‘Women Talking’ is poignant, courageous, and simply a show of the stunning force of matriarchal love. If you’re going to see the film because of Frances McDormand, you’ll be disappointed as she delivers a couple of lines (in her very McDormand way) and then hides away for the rest of the film. Her absence is quickly forgiven as the rest of the cast come up to bat. You won’t be surprised to hear Rooney Mara and Claire Foy are fantastic, but you might be surprised to hear the rest of the ensemble are equally as masterful. It’s hard not to mention Michelle McLeod, Judith Ivey, and Jessie Buckley. The relationships these women weave are filled with warmth, scrutiny, grief, and the kind of complexity that only women who are related through trauma can share.

The script is captivating and full of heart-rending choice words of wisdom. The colour grading, specifically, subtly adds key detail to an already heavy story. I don’t suggest it as easy viewing on your first date but it’s smart, fierce, and passes the formidable Bechdel test. I’m sure Sarah Polley has received a few letters of correspondence after this one.

If none of that convinces you, let me tell you Rooney Mara’s dimples are valuable viewing at the very least. See this movie in the cinema. It deserves your undivided attention.

Every woman has a story. So go and witness theirs.
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