What’s it about?
A boy growing up in a family who hate music, dreams of becoming a musician. On the day of the dead he decides to pursue his dream with unforeseen consequences.

What did we think?
PIXAR’s ability to manipulate our emotions continues unfettered with a delightful tale that will bring a lump to the throat and maybe even tears to the eye. At its heart COCO is a tale about family and you’d have to be devoid of emotion to not get swept away during this journey of exploration. The characters are rich, the humour sly and the music wonderful.

It does focus on dead family members – indeed our hero spends most of the movie visiting the land of the dead where he interacts with ancestors he annually honours and therefore knows. As such younger audience members may have questions about dying but its handled subtly and tastefully.

Intelligent and full of heart, COCO is a must-see for anyone who loves family, music or the genre.






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