Wolf Creek 2

What’s it about?
A serial killer in the Australian outback returns to terrorise backpackers.

What did we think?
Anthony Sherratt said: If there was a ‘gore comedy’ genre this would fit right into it. Whereas the original Wolf Creek was a thriller featuring a tireless psychopath, the second offering has chosen to paint the sociopath as a wisecracking xenophobic racist. He’s still relentless but much more sadistically slapstick. It helps that the victims make so many stupid choices you’re almost cheering for the killer but it doesn’t change the fact the sequel is far lighter and inferior. The ‘based on true facts’ is a bit of mishmash of loose claims but if you’re going for entertainment rather than history you probably won’t be disappointed.

Not quite horror, not quite comedy, not quite torture porn. But attempting to make the main character more likable AND the poster child for anti-immigrant protesters? That could be the most horrific call of all.


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