We Are Your Friends

What’s it about?
An impossibly handsome down-on-his-luck twenty-something (Zac Efron) dreams of being a DJ, his thuggish friend dreams of getting in more fights, his drug-dealing friend dreams of getting rich, his dopey looking friend dreams of something better. They party a lot, Zac meets an impossibly good-looking chicky-babe, things go bad, things go good. PCP EDM 128 BPM HASHTAG What – WHAT?

What we thought
Stephen Scott says: like American beer, We Are Your Friends is fun, fairly lightweight, but has a good heart. The target audience will love it then promptly forget about it 5 seconds later.

Want more in-depth analysis? Consider #WAYF to be a 21C version of Plato’s Republic, The Lord of The Rings, heck, even The Bible: it’s a morality tale to help you understand and avoid life’s pitfalls. It’s a story for today’s teens, tweens and in-betweens: you’re probably never going to make it big, but hey, someone does, so why not give it a go? Oh, and drugs are awesome! Oh, and don’t do drugs.

Post-script: it must be a nightmare growing up amongst the perfect people in The Valley. Bulging biceps, shining pearly white teeth and jaw-droopingly-amazing how-do-they-defy-gravity-like-that hand-crafted boobies as far as the eye can see. Maybe that’s why they drink so much. And take so many drugs. Lots of drugs. So many drugs. Don’t do drugs.


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