Warm Bodies

What’s it about?
In the future, after zombies have waged a successful apocalypse, an unusually empathetic zombie named “R” falls in love with Julie (there’s a theme here. I just can’t …), the daughter of the leader of the surviving humans. Oh but that won’t work out at all! Surely!

What did we think?
Alex says:  What may have been intended as “Romeo & Juliet with Zombies” turns out to be more “Zombie Twilight” with an intentional sense of humour. But this zom-rom-com combo leaves you not really caring about the characters or the fate of the human race.

Jonathan Levine at least capably directs likeable leads Nicholas Hoult and our very own Teresa Palmer away from vapid Edward-and-Bella territory. But when it comes to the undead-related laughs, it’s no Shaun of the Dead.


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