What’s it about?
Sawyer (Claire Foy) is a young woman starting a new life in a new city but is still traumatised by an incident from back home. After a single session with a counsellor, she unwittingly signs herself in to being committed to a mental instituton. She insists there is nothing wrong with her, but her stay becomes involuntary when the staff begin to question her sanity, and she is forced to confront her greatest fear.

What did we think?
James Tinniswood says: I am so happy Steven Soderbergh is back pumping out movies, especially interesting little gambles like this. Shot entirely on an iPhone but with a good thriller script, this fits in somewhere between his studio and indie/experimental films. Claire Foy is excellent, and Jay Pharoah is also solid support. The ambiguity about what’s really going on gets resolved maybe a bit too early and it becomes more of a conventional thriller, but it’s still an impressive experiment in tension.


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