Air – Movie Review

Not exactly a slam dunk

What’s it about?

Nike’s basketball division courts a rookie Michael Jordan to create a line of shoes.

What’d we think?

Air is the untold story of a foregone conclusion in which a billion-dollar company secures a deal that makes themselves and a professional athlete ungodly amounts of money. Knowing how the story ends isn’t an inherently bad thing, but in this case, the lack of stakes removes any possibility of actual drama, and the story itself is too light to make up for it. Taking notes from Moneyball and The Big Short, the movie tracks the machinations behind the scenes of Jordan’s sponsorship deal, but ends up feeling a bit sanitised and pedestrian. The central performances are fine, and it’s a pleasantly entertaining watch, but it’s really hard to give a damn about seeing how the ending comes about.

Dad movie
A by-the-numbers story of corporate success
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