Ticket To Paradise movie review

Are Clooney and Roberts a winning ticket?

What’s it about?

A divorced couple put aside their long-standing loathing for each other to sabotage their daughter’s marriage to a man she’s only known for a few weeks.

What did we think?

Peter Linning says: Ticket to Paradise is a light and breezy romantic comedy that’s hugely elevated by utterly delightful lead performances from George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The story itself is fairly light, with the central conflict of the movie taking a backseat to the beautiful setting (Queensland standing in for Bali), and letting the chemistry between the two real-life friends take centre stage. The movie doesn’t reinvent the wheel, and it doesn’t need to – everyone involved with the movie was clearly having a blast (as some excellent bloopers over the end credits attest to), and it’s impossible not to have a big dumb smile on your face the whole time. The movie also has possibly the best drunk-acting ever committed to film, which is worth an additional half a star as far as I’m concerned.

Predictable but charismatic
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