The Water Diviner

What’s it about?
A low level psychic (Russel Crowe) journeys from Australia to find the remains of his sons destroyed in the Great War. He finds the enchanted world of the former Ottoman Empire has been cut into pieces by the politics of men.

What did we think?
Dan says: I am not a fan of Rusty at all but the guy sure can act. The story that he pushes along is beautifully shot and a joy to behold. It paints the faceless enemy as exactly what they are, more of us. Proud, angry and frightened.

The film treats the delicate story of Gallipoli with a great deal of respect though the third act gets a little bit “Indiana Jonesy”. There are some CGI issues and Rusty’s “Batman voice” can be a tad grating but ultimately this is a measured and heart-warming film with something for everyone. (Except kids. It’s a bit gruesome in parts)


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  1. Thomas says:

    The locations are breathtaking!

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