The Killing Joke

What’s it about?
A recently escaped Joker targets Batman, Commissioner Gordon and his daughter Batgirl in a depraved mission to prove a point: We’re all just one bad day away from going mad.

What did we think?

Clint Skene says: True to the comics as if it was ripped from the pages itself, scenes play out more as art than straight feature. Each scene leaves you more uneasy than the last as The Joker raises the stakes of depravity with each passing second (including an incredibly upsetting song and dance number). It’s high drama, confronting themes and squeamish moments, married with an atmospheric score and amazing performances from Batman alumni Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy and Tara Strong. This is definitely another smash hit for WB Animation. The Killing Joke is a remarkable and much welcomed addition to the DC Animated universe.


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