What’s it about?
A 1959 seemingly perfect American town is rocked by both integration and murder, throwing doubts on just how perfect a place it is.

What did we think?
Anthony Sherratt says: Imagine a high-quality slow burner where half the plot seems to fizzle out. Well, actually you don’t need to imagine as it now has physical form in Suburbicon. It’s a dark look at the two ugly faces of white America told by two (nominally) interweaving tales in ‘classic America’. I want to call it a dark comedy but the laughs are few and often inspired unintentionally. It’s beautiful tonally but the two stories feel discordant rather than one large coherent one. Still, there’s a lot to like: the acting is top-shelf, Oscar Isaac nearly steals the entire movie, and it will definitely inspire discussion. But for me, the small predictables were going to be offset by a culmination of the stories coming together; an intertwining that sadly never occurred.


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