The Ice Road movie review

A disaster movie? Or just a disaster?

What did we think?

When a mine collapse traps a team of miners in a remote region of Northern Canada, a team of drivers has to make an emergency delivery across treacherous ice roads.

What did we think?

Peter Winning says: The setup for The Ice Road is decent enough, with the logistical problems of transporting heavy equipment and the plight of the trapped miners setting the scene for what could have been an average disaster/rescue drama. This potential goes out the window in the first fifteen minutes when it rapidly devolves into a mess of one-note characters and truly awful exposition – right up until the final scenes there isn’t a single line of dialogue that a person might say in real life.

Not content with just being an average disaster movie, it shifts gears (pun intended) at the midpoint to incorporate elements of an average revenge movie and an average corporate thriller, taking the most cliche elements of each and combining them into something worse – a boring movie. There’s enough on at the movies that you can probably give this one a miss.


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Unbelievable and unrealistic but in all the bad ways.
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