The Happytime Murders

What’s it about?
To clear his name of the brutal (yet strangely hilarious) Happytime murders, disgraced ex-cop turned private dick Phil Philips must overcome the bad blood between him and his old LAPD partner. But Phil’s a puppet living in a human world, and we all know puppets are only good for singing and dancing. Not being racist, just telling it like it is.

What did we think?
Stephen Scott says: believe it or not, there is a story thread running throughout this flick that comments on the racial tensions in Western society, but you can easily ignore that and take Happytime Murders for what it is: a blend of every b-grade buddy cop movie with Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Meet the Feebles.

It’s puerile, clichéd and predictable – in a good way. You know what to expect, it’s done well, and the jokes are more hit than miss.

I hope it moooooooves you in the same way it mooooooved me.


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