The Call

What’s it about?
After a 911 phone operator (Halle Berry)  takes a call that spirals out of control, she questions her ability to do her job, until a co-worker urges her back for a similar call that forces her to face her fears and her past.

What did we think?
Hilary says: Halle Berry is excellent as the 911 operator, refusing to let her ridiculous wig steal the spotlight. Berry’s performance, a suspenseful score, tight direction and sharp editing were what kept the audience on the edge of our seats (with a few folks even sprinting out of the theatre!) But the gasps of fear quickly turned to groans and laughter as The Call took an odd final turn that tainted everything that came before it. An A-grade thriller with a C-grade ending.

Note: Avoid the massive spoiler that is this film’s trailer.


1 comment on “The Call

  1. If you’ve seen the trailer then:

    a) you’ve seen the whole movie.

    b) why did you bother paying?

    This is a very average movie with quality acting the only saving grace. Perhaps if you’ve avoided the trailer you might get something out of it but otherwise avoid this average drama that wants to be a thriller.


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