The Big Sick

What’s it about?
Writer and star Kumail Nanjiani brings the story of his burgeoning relationship with his now wife to the big screen, illustrating the ups and downs they faced with their cross-cultural connection, not least of which was Emily being in a coma.

What we thought
Angela Young says: This film is brilliant, go see it. It’s properly funny and properly real. Kumail plays himself, so we know we we’re getting the truth there, but Zoe Kazan is fantastic as down-to-earth and bubbly Emily. You will love all the characters in this film, literally – there’s not a baddie (or bad acting) among them. Even Ray Romano as Dad! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (but only a little bit), and you’ll only just notice the subtle lessons you’re learning about cultural integration and the hilarious nuances at play within a Pakistani muslim family in modern America.


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