What’s it about?

Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) is whisked away to Giant Country when she accidently spots a giant (Mark Rylance) going about his business in the middle of the night. She and her new friend the BFG must come up with a plan to stop his friends from kidnapping and eating children in England.

What did we think?

Elizabeth Best says: If you ever read this Roald Dahl book as a child, this movie will be a giant (geddit?), nostalgic punch right in the feels. The BFG himself is brought to glorious life through the ever-expressive face of Rylance and the deft touches of a very talented animation team. The dream worlds fizz with life and imaginative design that leaps off the page.

Adapting a rather short story into a full length movie has it’s pitfalls though, and the pace does seem to lag  in the middle, as smaller ideas from the novel feel fleshed out for time.

Though some of Dahl’s darker ideas are glossed over (as they always seem to be in movie form), and the Sophie seems a bit more precocious than I remember her, The BFG (both movie and character) is still rather charming.


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