Star Wars The Force Awakens

What’s it about?
Two orphans meet in an unlikely series of events that see them fighting forces of evil in the company of a charming smuggler and his giant hairy pet friend.

What did we think?
In a triumphant return to a galaxy far, far away we revisit the fine tradition of a fun space opera. There are a few problems with the story but frankly few will care once the familiar theme song starts and finishes what is a well-polished and entertaining new entry. The performances of Harrison Ford and Daisy Ridley are simply captivating and, with more humour this time around, the future looks bright for this beloved franchise. There’s a fine line between homage, respect and being derivative and there are times it appears Abrams is going out of his way to repeat scenes from A New Hope (both charming and a little irritating) but it makes you feel like you’ve come home even as you immerse yourself in new politics and adventures. A great romp.


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