What’s it about?
The Rock reimagines Die Hard by saving his family from terrorists in a locked-down skyscraper.

What did we think?
It’s time to put aside the Chuck Norris jokes and declare that gravity doesn’t affect The Rock; The Rock affects gravity. Skyscraper walks a fine line between homage and plagiarism but if you just want to see Dwayne Johnson saving the day amidst explosions and eye-rolling stunts then you will love this mindless action film. There are actually a few good scientific tidbits and accuracies in here as well as an interesting motive. It’s a shame that there are also flaws that render any credits from them immediately worthless. It’s highly predictable but to be honest, Liz and I had a blast predicting lines and cliched incidents (it even had a Rocky shout out) so would be fun slightly intoxicated. At the end of the day there’s one sentence that will decide whether you’ll see it or not: it’s The Rock.


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