Silver Linings Playbook

What’s it about?
Pat (Bradley Cooper) is sprung from a court-ordered stint in a mental facility. He is determined to get his life back on track, stay positive, and reunite with his wife. Unfortunately his bipolar disorder and, shall we say, “musically triggered anger management issues” get in the way, as does young firecracker Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence).

What did we think?
Liz says: It’s the masterful performances that give Playbook its silver lining, and it’s not only the chemistry between Cooper and Lawrence that sizzles. The intricately written characters are dysfunctional fragments of a puzzle that, alone, seem lost and purposeless; when placed together they form a beautifully raw and vulnerable portrait of what it is to be human.¬† The plot suffers from occasional pacing issues, but the actors have created characters so damn compelling that they rope you in and implore you to care, whether you were with them the whole way or not. They’re crazy good, quite literally.


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