Safety Not Guaranteed

What’s it about?

A magazine writer and two interns from Seattle attempt to track down the placer of a classified ad seeking a companion for traveling back in time. As they learn more about him, they begin to question if he is actually able to perform the feat.

What did we think?

The film initially threatens to drown in the quirks and indie precociousness of its premise, but the sharp script manages to dig deeper and find moments for the characters to reveal new layers and hidden motivations. The central performances by Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass are a real joy, giving aimless slackers everywhere a decent name. You’re kept guessing until the final moments about how things will play out and the conclusions, bar one frustrating sideplot, are satisfying and uplifting.



3 comments on “Safety Not Guaranteed

  1. Andrew Dial says:

    Okay this sounds intriguing. Any word on an Australian release?

    1. Neil R. Waite says:

      IMDB says it’s in limited release from 26 July, so expect it at Palace Cinemas.

  2. James says:

    Interesting indie fluff with and handful of laughs, some parables on not ”wasting time”, and a fun, remotely surprising ending. Some good acting courtesy of Jake M. Johnson as the journo.

    See it if you have a free night, an offbeat sense of humour and don’t want to be challenged. I don’t know about the Screenwriting Award at Sundance though…

    I’d give it 3/5 myself.

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